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Set Your Bed with Pure Organic Bedding to Keep Yourself Warm throughout the Chilly Season!

Living a clean life includes more than just what we eat. Hazardous substances are practically everywhere, and they can be found in our clothes, skincare products, and bed linens. Due to this, it’s imperative to choose pure Organic bedding goods utilizing the same stringent standards as we do for our food and cosmetics.

Here you’ll read an illustration of how you and your family may benefit from wonderful pure Organic bedding while also eating wholesomely, sustainably, and Organically.

Down Proof Fabrics

Organics & More is one of the few companies that can offer GOTS-certified down-proof textiles, which are necessary for companies creating pillows, futons, and quilts.

The best long-staple Organic cotton is used to make this tightly woven fabric, which can be used to make high-quality Organic items including futons, blankets, and pillows.

Jacquard Fabric

The double-knit and jacquard looms were designed to produce a wide range of elegant patterns, from the simplest to the most complex.

The double-knit jacquards enhance the visual and tactile textures of conventional mattress ticking while supplying the extra stretch required for today’s more versatile applications. They are the ideal combination of fit, form, and function. 

Organic Sheeting Fabric

Our sheeting collection is comprised of the best long-staple Organic cotton and is available in a variety of widths and thread counts. Using our wide-width looms, we can produce your selected sheeting material up to a width of 120 inches.

Whether you create sheet sets, duvet sets, or any other types of bedding products, the great quality of our sheeting fabrics will wow you and your consumers.


Flannel Fabric

Because the flannel fabric is napped on both sides for more loft and velvety comfort, it is a terrific bedding alternative for cooler temperatures.

When buying pure Organic bedding products, this fabric is ideal for sleepwear, baby blankets, bedsheets, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Organic Laminated Fabric

The Organic cotton waterproof laminated fabric is made with non-GMO bio-based films that have received USDA certification.

These machine-washable fabrics contain a quiet barrier coating that makes them perfect for mattress covers, aprons, baby bibs, and many other moisture barrier applications.


Canvas and Twill Fabric

Canvas and twill fabrics are the workhorses of the Organics & More fabric range.

Given the range of weights and widths offered, it won’t take you long to understand why our clients have come to rely on and appreciate these high-quality, durable fabrics.


Organic Muslin Fabric

A lighter-weight plain weave cloth with greater adaptability is muslin. The muslin’s supple and delicate texture makes it ideal for blanket backs, pocketing, and curtain linings.

The certified Organic muslin has seen some creative uses from our clients. How are you going to use it?

Jersey Fabric

Our Organic cotton jersey knit, which is GOTS-certified, is manufactured from spun yarns and is available in weights ranging from 2.75oz to 6.0oz. Greater product adaptability is made possible by the 94-inch extra-wide breadth and good 4-way stretch given by the jersey construction.

The jersey knit can be used in the side panels of mattress protectors, fitted baby sheets, pillows, and even apparel.

Interlock Fabric

Our assortment of knit fabrics is strengthened by the interlocking design, which is the perfect illustration of a double-knit.

We enhanced the cloth weight to give a product a constantly growing range of applications and market penetration.

You’ll enjoy the stylishly crafted, environmentally friendly, pure organic bedding options from Organics & More. Using Organic blankets, cotton sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, and other products will allow you to live guilt-free. You can select from a variety of pure Organic bedding products when taking care of your loved ones, which will make you feel pampered.

You can have a nice night’s sleep while still worrying about the environment and ethical production practices because there are so many high-quality, Organic throws, toiletries, blankets, and beds available. There are options for Organic beds, blankets, and other bedding for both adults and kids.

If you want to utilize bedding that is made from sustainable Organic products whenever feasible for ethical or health-related reasons, Organics & More may be able to help. Living an Organic lifestyle doesn’t force you to give up style or comfort because opulent, eco-friendly, pure Organic bedding and accessories are abundant.

However, Organics & More has fantastic Additional Services, such as private labeling, sourcing/direct imports, drop shipping, bespoke fabric fabrication, custom colors, custom printing (Digital printing, Rotary screen printing), and custom fabric slitting. The goal is to provide the greatest products that are entirely Organic. For further services visit Organic & More to find the best 100% pure Organic bedding for your needs.

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