Organics and More, LLC,

Organic Cotton Fabric

Organics and More, LLC, is known for supplying premium quality GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics in a variety of widths, weights, thread densities, weaves and aesthetics.  Our fabrics include canvas, twill, flannel, sateen, percale, jersey, interlock, and various dobby and double-knit jacquard fabrics ranging from 3 – 12 oz per square yard and in widths ranging from 58 – 117 inches.

We maintain IN-STOCK inventory of more than 40 different organic cotton fabrics.

Mattress Ticking

Our jacquard looms and double-knit machines were made for producing a variety of elegant designs from the most subtle of patterns to the most intricate.


Using state-of-the-art Stӓubli Jacquards on our air-jet and rapier looms, we are able to produce a variety of designs from which to choose, or you may provide us with your own custom designs.  Either way, you’ll be pleased with the result and so will your clients.


Our double-knit jacquards are the perfect blend of fit, form and function, enhancing both the visual and physical textures of traditional mattress ticking while providing the added stretch needed for today’s more versatile applications.

Sheeting Fabric

Made with the finest long staple organic cotton, our sheeting collection includes a variety of widths and thread counts from which to choose.  Using our wide width looms, we are able to produce your favorite sheeting fabric up to 120 inches in width.  Whether you are making sheet sets, duvet sets, or any other bedding products, both you and your clients will be pleased with the exceptional quality of our sheeting fabrics.

Flannel Fabric

Napped on both sides for extra loft and plush comfort, our flannel fabric provides a great bedding solution for cooler climates.  This fabric is ideal for bedsheets, baby blankets, sleepwear, and just about anything else you might dream about.

Down Proof Fabrics

Organics and More is one of the very few companies capable of providing GOTS certified down proof fabrics, an absolute must-have for manufacturers of futons, quilts and pillows. This tightly woven fabric is made with the finest long staple organic cotton to help you produce high quality futons, quilts and pillows.

Laminated Fabric

Our organic cotton waterproof laminated fabric is made with USDA certified non-GMO bio-based films.  With a noiseless barrier film, these machine washable fabrics are perfect for mattress protectors, aprons, baby bibs, and a variety of other moisture barrier applications.

Canvas and Twill Fabric

Both our canvas and twill fabrics are the workhorses of the Organics and More fabric line-up.  With a variety of weights and widths from which to select, it won’t take long to understand why our clients have come to love and depend on these high quality, durable fabrics.

Muslin Fabric

A lighter weight plain weave fabric, our muslin is quite versatile.  With its smooth and fine texture, the muslin is ideal for quilt backing, pocketing, and curtain linings.  Our customers have been quite creative with how they use the certified organic muslin.  How will you use it?

Jersey Fabric

Made with spun yarns, our GOTS certified organic cotton jersey knit is available in a range of weights from 2.75oz to 6.0oz.  The jersey construction allows for good 4-way stretch, and the extra wide width at 94 inches allows for more flexibility in product use.  The jersey knit is ideal for side panels on mattress protectors, fitted crib sheets, pillows, and even apparel applications.

Interlock Fabric

A robust addition to our line of knit fabrics, the interlock construction is the epitome of what a double-knit should be.  We’ve bumped up the fabric weight to provide a product with an ever-increasing range of applications and market adoption.