Organics and More, LLC,

Additional Services

Custom Fabric Production

Our fabric engineering team has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in fabric formation and fiber characteristics.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your fabric needs and work together to find the perfect fabric solution.  

Custom Colors

Our state-of-the-art dyeing equipment enables us to match virtually any color you desire onto the fabric of your choice.  We only use GOTS approved non-heavy-metal, AZO free, low-impact fiber reactive and pigment dyestuffs which are all Oeko-Tex® Class 1 compliant.

Custom Printing

Digital Printing

Using specialized inkjet technology, we are printing high-end fabrics for a variety of applications.  Leveraging this technology to maximize efficiencies, we can seamlessly change colorways and print designs within the same print run.

Rotary Screen Printing

Choose from our library of print designs or provide us with your own custom design.  Ideal for printed sheeting programs or other home décor applications.

Custom Fabric Slitting

Our fabric slitting capabilities enable us to tailor the width of fabric rolls to your exact specifications.  This service helps our clients to maximize their usage of each roll of fabric and reduce potential waste.

Private Labeling

Organics and More, LLC, offers private labeling services on all of our sewn bedding products in order to help you promote your own brand with customized labels, hang tags, and packaging.

Drop Shipping Services

We provide our resellers with reliable drop shipping service to their customers.  This helps to increase order processing speeds, which improves customer satisfaction.  Additionally, it reduces your burden of managing stock levels and helps to mitigate any added warehousing costs.

Sourcing / Direct Imports

Organics and More, LLC, understands the complexities of navigating the world of textile sourcing.  Our experience and partnerships enable us to provide a competitive sourcing solution and ensure best-in-class quality of product and service from the initial order until the completed order is successfully shipped.