Organics and More, LLC,

Conventional Cotton Fabric

Organics and More, LLC maintains a well-stocked inventory of 100% cotton and cotton blend sheeting fabrics in a variety of thread counts, widths, and colors for all of your top-of-bed applications.  Our commitment to using only the highest quality long-staple cotton yarns on our state-of-the-art looms ensures that our fabrics are of the highest quality.  Through our partner mill in Karachi, Pakistan, we are able to produce a variety of fabric constructions in greige form or finished in custom colors or custom prints.  When combining our wealth of weaving knowledge and experience with our exceptional design team, you can rest assured that we will provide the ideal fabric solution for your current and future needs.

Sheeting Fabric

Using the finest quality single-ply yarns, our sheeting fabric is both durable and robust while maintaining a sense of elegance and sophistication.

500TC Sateen Sheeting

Available at 112 inches wide, this high thread count sateen is a must for bedding manufacturers and is stocked in a variety of colors

300TC Sateen Sheeting

Available at 115 inches wide, this medium thread count sateen is the workhorse of our sheeting range and is stocked in a variety of colors.

Percale Sheeting

Available at 116 inches wide, our percale sheeting is just what you would expect, crisp and comfy, which makes it ideal for hospitality applications.