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Switch to Organic Fabrics for your Bedding needs – Good for Health, Good for Sleep!

What does your ideal, incredibly cozy bed feel like in your mind? For me, it’s soft and cloud-like, but not so soft that when I lie down, it feels like I’m sinking into a bottomless foam pit—and the sheets are like a warm, comforting hug.
When I first acquired the Organic fabrics, which I’ve had for a few years, it covered all those points. It’s lost some of its plushness after many sleepless nights, and my body has inched its way into the pillowtop to the point where every time I get into bed, I reflexively roll to the middle. What about my sheets? After numerous washes, they haven’t held up that well.

As I started researching alternatives, it occurred to me that, given how frequently I faceplant on my mattress, I would want to be as aware of its ingredients as I am of the foods I keep in my refrigerator. I should pay the same attention to the ingredients in my mattress as I do to the ones I keep in my refrigerator.

The situation is as follows: Given that the average person spends a third of their life sleeping (and that I fall into the camp of people who have a strict 9 p.m. bedtime), conventional fabrics are often treated with chemical flame-retardants and made from materials that can emit volatile Organic fabrics—in other words, not things I want in my bedroom. Furthermore, most mattresses and sheets are unquestionably not Organic.

My research revealed a brand-new bedding line called Organics & More is one of the leading bedding online stores. Because it is composed of sustainable and Organic fabrics and is free of all the possibly harmful chemicals and dyes I was trying to avoid, I decided to completely overhaul my bed Organically.

Organics & More Organic fabrics, which are composed of premium GOTS-Certified Organic material to give a natural flame retardant (instead of the artificial kind), was the first step in making my Organic bedroom over.
It arrived at my doorstep for no further cost. As expected, however, it unfolded to reveal the most luxuriously soft Organic fabrics I had ever slept on. After I put the sheets, pillows, and duvet in my bedroom, it looked and felt like a beautiful hotel room.

You know the sensation you get before going to bed on vacation and knowing you’re going to have an amazing sleep? I felt that way the first night I slept in my sustainable bed. The temperature-regulating wool outer layer of the mattress also prevented me from ever waking up sweating in the middle of the night, even with the heavier duvet and sheets than the thin ones I was using previously.

What makes the sheets the best? The sheets were softer every time I cleaned them since the Organic fabrics kept expanding after each wash, which encouraged me to stay on top of laundry day. (And let’s face it, encouragement on laundry day is something we could all use sometimes.)

Furthermore, choosing Organic bedding has advantages beyond improving my sleep quality. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, Organics & More provides high-quality Organic fabrics that will make your lifestyle healthy and worth living for.

My investigation into the advantages of Organic bedding also made me consider other, less evident aspects of my life, such as my coffee consumption and wardrobe, where I might want to make more sustainable decisions. Although I did wake up feeling like a new person after each great night of sleep, changing to a better-for-me bed arrangement didn’t make me a different person; nonetheless, it did encourage me to be more conscious of my impact on the environment. I simply needed to go to bed.

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