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Be Environmentally Conscious – Choose Organic Bedding. A New Lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle involves more than just what we eat. There are hazardous substances almost everywhere, including in our clothing, skincare products, and bed linens. Because of this, it’s basic to pick unadulterated Natural sheet material products using similar severe principles as we accomplish for our food and beauty care products.

Organics & More’s environmentally conscious, stylishly crafted, pure Organic bedding options are great for the environment. You can live guilt-free by using Organic blankets, cotton sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, and other products. You can choose from an assortment of unadulterated Natural sheet material items while dealing with your friends and family, which will cause you to feel spoiled.

An illustration of how you and your family can benefit from environmentally conscious high-quality pure Organic bedding while also eating Organically, sustainably, and in a healthy way is provided here.


Down Proof Fabrics

Organics & More is one of the few businesses that can provide environmentally conscious down-proof textiles that have been certified by GOTS. These textiles are necessary for businesses that make pillows, futons, and quilts.


This tightly woven fabric, which can be used to make high-quality Organic items like futons, blankets, and pillows, is made with the best long-staple Organic cotton.


Jacquard Fabric

The jacquard and double-knit looms were made to make a wide range of beautiful patterns, from the simplest to the most intricate.



The double-knit jacquards provide the extra stretch needed for today’s more versatile applications while also enhancing the traditional mattress ticking’s visual and tactile textures. They have the right amount of form, function, and fit.


Organic Sheeting Fabric

The best long-staple Organic cotton is used in our sheeting collection, which is available in a variety of widths and thread counts. We can produce your chosen sheeting material up to 120 inches wide using our wide-width looms.



The high-quality, environmentally conscious of our sheeting fabrics will impress you and your customers, regardless of whether you make sheet sets, duvet sets, or any other kind of bedding.


Flannel Fabric

Since the wool texture is snoozed on the two sides for additional space and smooth solace, it is a stupendous sheet material option for cooler temperatures.


This fabric is ideal for sleepwear, baby blankets, bedsheets, and just about anything else you can think of when purchasing purely environmentally-conscious Organic bedding.


Organic Laminated Fabric

The USDA-certified bio-based non-GMO bio-based films used to make the Organic cotton waterproof laminated fabric


Because they are coated with a moisture barrier, these machine-washable fabrics are ideal for mattress covers, aprons, baby bibs, and many other moisture barrier applications.


Canvas and Twill Fabric

The Organics & More fabric line’s mainstays are twills and canvas fabrics.

It won’t take you long to understand why our customers have come to rely on and appreciate these high-quality, durable fabrics, given the variety of weights and widths available.


Organic Muslin Fabric

Muslin is a plain-weave cloth that is lighter and more adaptable. The muslin is ideal for pocketing, curtain linings, and blanket backings due to its supple and delicate texture.

Our customers have come up with some inventive ways to use certified Organic muslin. What will you do with it?


Jersey Fabric

Made from spun yarns, our GOTS-certified Organic cotton jersey knit is available in weights ranging from 2.75 oz to 6.0 oz. The jersey construction’s 94-inch extra-wide breadth and good 4-way stretch allow for greater product adaptability.



The shirt sew can be utilized in the side boards of sleeping cushion defenders, fitted child sheets, pads, and even clothing.


Interlock Fabric

The interlocking design, which is the best example of a double-knit, adds to the variety of knit fabrics in our collection.


We improved the fabric weight to provide an item with a continually developing scope of utilizations and market infiltration.

There are a lot of high-quality Organic beds, blankets, toiletries, and throws available, so you can sleep well without worrying about the environment or ethical production practices. Organic beds, blankets, and other bedding are available for both adults and children.

Private labeling, sourcing/direct imports, drop shipping, bespoke fabric fabrication, custom colors, custom printing (Digital printing, Rotary screen printing), and custom fabric slitting are all excellent Additional Services offered by Organics & More. The objective is to provide only Organic goods of the highest quality. Visit Organic & More for additional services and the best 100% Organic bedding for your needs.

However, Organics & More may be able to assist you if you want to use sustainable environmentally conscious Organic bedding whenever possible for ethical or health-related reasons. Because there is such a wide variety of opulent, eco-friendly, pure Organic bedding and accessories, living an Organic lifestyle does not necessitate giving up style or comfort.




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